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HN Consulting a Euroexam

V roce 2018 získala Asociace jazykových škol dva nové partnery, HN Consulting a Euroexam.


HN Consulting

S informačním systémem MyCat je správa agendy v jazykových školách pohoda.
Informace o kurzech, změnách, suplování, ale i ekonomice najdete na jednom místě.


Euroexam is based on the key idea that for most students the ability to communicate is more important than a theoretical knowledge of language. Following this approach, Euroexam Centre provides standardised exams that test students’ success in real communication. Students who succeed in our exams prove that they can also succeed using their English in real-life situations all over Europe and in several countries beyond.



Zpráva zveřejněna: 18. 04. 2018

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