Gérôme Rémi - L’utilisation de documents authentiques en classe de français

À l’aide de documents de natures diverses, nous échangerons nos expériences de pratiques de classe afin de réaliser des séquences facilement utilisables et adaptables en cours.

Francouzský jazyk

Gérôme Rémi - Préparer ses élèves aux examens DELF/DALF

L'atelier présentera aux participants des activités et des ressources pour préparer efficacement les élèves aux examens du DELF et du DALF.

Francouzský jazyk

Kacafírková Petra - Leximapping – how to teach via mind maps

This workshop shows how to make mind maps and how we can use them in ELT.

Anglický jazyk

Havrlantová Tereza - Activities for (Very) Young Learners

This session is aimed at language teachers of five to seven-year-olds who would like to engage their learners in a meaningful and imaginative way

Anglický jazyk

Hankiewicz Jakub + Steffal Šimon - Why should we never stop learning?

Learning and stopping are two concepts that just don’t go together

Anglický jazyk

Saunders Iain - Sneaky Grammar

Sneaky Grammar helps put language into practice.

Anglický jazyk

Saunders Iain - Further Practical Pronunciation for Czech Learners

This session presents activities and pronunciation principles that directly help Czech learners function in an ELF world.

Anglický jazyk

Koster David - Making Testing More Fun

Tests are often seen as a necessary evil in our job as English teachers

Anglický jazyk

Calleja Louel - Using images and a dictionary to teach the four skills

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Imagine what you can do with six!

Anglický jazyk

Calleja Louel - Controversial topics in the classroom: Gold mine or landmine?

In this interactive seminar, I am going to share with you some strategies I have used when dealing with sensitive discussion topics in class.

Anglický jazyk

Duffková Štěpánka - Zatočte se stresem

Jste pod tlakem? Máte pocit, že stres se stal nedílnou součástí vašeho života?

Český jazyk

Škorpíková Dagmar - Teengels

It is often claimed that teenagers are difficult and challenging to teach. But are they? Are they devils or angels

Anglický jazyk

Škorpíková Dagmar - Wired on students

Is there a better feeling for a teacher than to know that students have left the classroom with satisfaction and interest?

Anglický jazyk

Chromá Marta - úvod do obchodně-právní terminologie

Seminář bude věnován základním terminologickým aspektům výuky právnické a obchodněprávní angličtiny.

Anglický jazyk/ Český jazyk

Křížková Andrea

Komerční prezentace

Jelínek Martin - #shareastory

#shareastory is a ready made lesson which focuses on different types of revising, practicing and maintaining the vocabulary or/and grammar structure

Anglický jazyk

Jelínek Martin - VISUALLY WIRED

This workshop provides practical and inspirational session, presenting new and student centered tendencies in ELT.

Anglický jazyk

Tilton Michaela - Building the English Language Learners’ Brain

Despite educators’ best efforts to teach English as quickly and effectively as possible, many students never develop academic English fluency.

Komerční prezentace

Laufer Navot - Business English - Teaching is not enough!

When we get down to business, vocabulary and grammar, listening and speaking skills are essential but not enough.

Anglický jazyk

Sekerková Danka - Teacher - friendly technologies

“Why do I have to be an IT specialist to teach English?” That´s what I often asked myself and no doubt many of you have thought the same.

Anglický jazyk

Malá Radka - Use It or Lose It

Oh no, not another writing lesson! How many times has this crossed your mind when it came to teaching writing to your students preparing for the Maturita exam?

Anglický jazyk

Doláková Sylvie - English from the very first word

Do you know how to start teaching English to (very) young learners from the first moment?

Anglický jazyk

Doláková Sylvie - Pronunciation with children (and with other learners too)

Learners can speak English very well, however, if they cannot pronounce properly, their English is “insufficient“ and makes communication difficult.

Anglický jazyk


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